SFCT HSSE Basic Induction Training

SFCT is committed to providing a safe working area for all that visit our facility. We are proud to report our next step in that endeavor with the introduction of SFCT HSSE Basic Induction Training for Over the Road Drivers. This training will provide guidance on the protocols for a safe visit to all drivers that enter our facility.

The training is internet based and takes approximately 30 minutes to completed. Training comes in both English and Spanish.

Please share this link with all your drivers now so to avoid any unnecessary delays or disruptions once we go live.


Effective Tuesday, September 6th 2022, we go Live; any driver that has not taken the Basic Induction Training will not be allowed access to SFCT.

Feel free to email below addresses in copy; if you want to check if a particular driver has taken their induction training. Please provide their name and Port of Miami ID# in the email.


OTR RTG Spreader Bar Hazard

Recently we have had several close calls with Drivers pulling away from the RTG too fast and not allowing enough time for spreader to fully disengage from container once landed on chassis.

This could cause a very serious accident, including having the entire RTG topple over and collapse. 

SFCT - OTR RTG Spreader Bar Hazard

Please speak to your drivers and explain to them the seriousness of this issue and how immensely important it is that they are 100% fully attentive when taking a delivery from an RTG crane. The RTG blows the horn like a top loader, but if their DRIVER SIDE window is up they MAY not hear it. Encourage them to take appropriate steps to minimize risk involved:

SFCT will begin providing training sessions for Termpoint



Download the Quick Guide and FAQs


Dear Valued Customer,

South Florida Container Terminal will begin providing training sessions for our new appointment system, Termpoint.

In conjunction with our previously communicated RFID through Emodal requirement to fully utilize our new gate system, appointments will be required once we officially “go live”.

Some important dates:

Training Sessions – March 9th through March 11th, please use below link and sign up for a date and time, each day we will provide a 10am session and also a 3pm session.

Register with Termpoint – March 14th Termpoint system will be available to sign up, more information will be discussed during the training sessions.

Testing – System testing will be on-going through the month of March

Go-Live – TBD – Once all testing, training, and gate infrastructure is in place we will announce an official date

For Termpoint Training, please use below link and click on the register icon:


Please note any import load location that begins with the below number / letter

combination is a block stack location and will not be available for delivery.

               1N / 2N / 3N / 1M / 2M / 3M / 1L / 2L / 3L


top menu bar for container availability status.