SFCT will begin providing training sessions for Termpoint



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Dear Valued Customer,

South Florida Container Terminal will begin providing training sessions for our new appointment system, Termpoint.

In conjunction with our previously communicated RFID through Emodal requirement to fully utilize our new gate system, appointments will be required once we officially “go live”.

Some important dates:

Training Sessions – March 9th through March 11th, please use below link and sign up for a date and time, each day we will provide a 10am session and also a 3pm session.

Register with Termpoint – March 14th Termpoint system will be available to sign up, more information will be discussed during the training sessions.

Testing – System testing will be on-going through the month of March

Go-Live – TBD – Once all testing, training, and gate infrastructure is in place we will announce an official date

For Termpoint Training, please use below link and click on the register icon:


Please note any import load location that begins with the below number / letter

combination is a block stack location and will not be available for delivery.

               1N / 2N / 3N / 1M / 2M / 3M / 1L / 2L / 3L


top menu bar for container availability status.

eRTG Project

Dear customers,

SFCT is starting our eRTG project which will prepare the terminal for the future.  The construction company has been moving their equipment in and we fenced off the first area that will be worked.  We had to move a few fences to accommodate the construction equipment but these will be completed in a day or two.  In the meantime the truckline might be a little slower than usual however, every trucker that comes to the terminal will be serviced.
We appreciate your understanding and patience during this period and we will make every effort to accommodate every customer.

Mark J. Baker

Through COVID-19 Pandemic, SFCT continues to operate and protect our employees.

For over 35 years, SFCT has operated and cooperated with PortMiami to serve cargo carriers from around the globe, bringing essential goods in for the South Florida community as well as those markets further North in Florida and throughout the United States. These incomparable times of unseen viral spread and “social distancing” forced our operation to expand its safety awareness efforts to include not only the physical safety of those working in the terminal, but also the immune safety of all those we consider fellow employees: The International Longshoremen Union, contractors, vendors, truckers and our own company employees. SFCT considers the continued health and safety of these workers to be of utmost importance in order to continue servicing our community in this time of unexpected business closures and stay-at-home orders.

Since this outbreak, SFCT has stayed in constant communication with the Port Authority, US Customs, ILA locals, trucking companies, local companies and our Steam Ship line customers to coordinate and communicate our efforts as we learned more about the spread of COVID-19. The ILA local has started performing temperature checks at their hiring hall to ensure anyone showing signs of the virus are sent home in order to stop its spread throughout their hall or while on a job. SFCT has started the same procedure at our main entrance to check our own workers along with ILA checkers and mechanics.