***Important SFCT Termpoint Driver Info Update***

Beginning Wednesday 3/29, anyone making an appointment at SFCT will be required to edit truck and driver info themselves in Termpoint under the Trucks and Drivers tab.

Once you add driver and truck info, this will then generate a email to our TSC group automatically, who will update the info on our end in the N4 system.  We will no longer be using or requiring you to use E-modal or to send emails to TSC for updates, and will allow you to keep your driver information up to date quicker than the current process.

We will be importing past driver data to assist in the process to start , but you will need to revise this information and ensure it is correct.  There will be duplicate drivers and some bad information such as license plate numbers, and information must be correct to make an appointment.  You won’t be able to edit this until it goes live next Wednesday 3/29, but please familiarize with the process now to avoid confusion.

You will need:

Driver Name:

  • Driver Name
  • PORT ID Number (no dashes or spaces)
  • Driver State
  • Truck License Plate Number
  • Truck State

Attached are instructions for this process, please forward to any contact you  have who currently makes appointments in Termpoint at SFCT, and don’t hesitate to reach out for any questions.