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Receiving or Delivering containers/chassis ( excluding yard handling ) $111
Receiving or Delivering "Out of Garage" Unit Load Containers which do not require special lifting equipment $244
Receiving or delivery of yacht or boat cradles (per cradle) $304
Disposal of yacht or boat cradle $1500
Disposal of shrink wrap or tarp (per yacht) $500
Disposal of dunnage and lashing gear (per yacht) $500
Handling charges for receiving of yachts or boats other than to/from the water, and for Breakbulk cargoes Available upon Request
Rigging fee, per container with over height cargoes if wires used Available upon Request
Rigging fee, per container with over height cargo if over height spreader used (per container) $735
Swapping containers between chassis or trucker chassis, per container $107
Mounting / Grounding / Segregating, per container handled $98
Pre-mounting containers provided service requested by 2:00pm day prior (per container on Straight Time) $170
a) Drayage of container within terminal premises, per dray per container $88
b) Drayage of containers on Dodge and Lummus Islands w/in Port to Sheds G, E, Fumigation, and Seaboard Marine, one way $140
Sealing containers with high security seal at time of receipt of container at gate, or upon departure $40
Placarding container (labor and placard) at time of receipt of container at gate
a) Per placard removed $54
b) Per placard attached $43
Reprint of Interchange Report, per report $23
Failure to obtain an Interchange, per occurrence $707
Miss-park of container or chassis, per occurrence $161
Export Redelivery $351
Rolling of Export Containers from one vessel to a later vessel or from one port of discharge to another port of discharge, per container rolled (one charge) $145
Rolling of Export Containers from one vessel to an earlier vessel, per container rolled (one charge) $259
No container and/or chassis leases may be terminated on SFCT facility except when such equipment is transferred directly to another steamship line that agrees to accept all charges accruing subsequent to the transfer. The charges will be assessed against the steamship line requesting the transfer, per container. $38
Equipment Rental Charges per hour (minimum 1 hour)
Container Cranes (POM owned) POM Tariff
RTG $377
Toploader $275
Forklift (up to 10,000 lbs capacity) $42
Forklift (15,000 lbs capacity) $52
Forklift (25,000 lbs capacity) $58
Forklift (30,000 lbs capacity) $94
Forklift (35,000 lbs capacity) $136
Hustlers $58
Bombcarts $28
Mafi $321
Man Hour Rates, Longshoremen
Straight Time $99
Overtime $128
Double Straight Time $168
Double Overtime $211
Refrigerated Services and Electrica
Occupying electrical outlet slot for refrigerated containers. Per refrigerated container, per calendar day or fractional calendar day Available upon Request
Daily Monitoring Pricing Available upon Request
Plug in / Unplug Pricing Available upon Request
Genset Mount Pricing Available upon Request
Fuel for Gensets Pricing Available upon Request
Opening and closing containers for a Government, such as AQI, LQV, tailgate inspection or per request of customer, per opening and closing on Straight Time $213
Inspection by U.S. Customs on containers during vessel operations using VACIS machine, per container (shipside exams) $149
Inspection by U.S. Customs on containers from stack or wheels using VACIS machine, per container $268
Dockage Per Port of Miami Tariff
Line Handline Pricing Available upon Request
Wharfage Per Port of Miami Tariff
Demurrage Charges (Rules 20, 21, and 22) Pricing Available upon Request
Break-bulk Cargo & other loose commodities (per 2000 lbs per day) $7
Storage, Empty Containers or Chassis Pricing Available upon Request
Terminal Security Fee
Per full container loaded/discharged/transship $11.52
Per 2,000 lbs, non-container cargo $0.59
Gangway Guard Per hour Straight Time $46
Gangway Guard Per hour Overtime $64
Minimum Billing $71
Rebilling Invoices $83
Administration Charges $20
Inspections for Survey/Repair
Empty Containers, per container $70
Full Containers, per container $238
Weighing of Import Containers $344
Weighing of Export Containers $23
Terminal handling fee for pallet wide containers, per container $117
Terminal Landing Surcharge $60
Terminal Landing Service Fee $25
Supplying Water to Vessel Water usage charged per Port of Miami Tariff plus